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The Superconscious Recode technique has modernized 5,000 year old ancient hermetic principles. Founded in today’s latest neuroscience and epigenetics, it creates gentle, lasting quantum shifts to recreate your life, starting now. Once you schedule, you'll receive an educational video with a recorded live demonstration of what YOU will experience.

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"I worked with Michele today and I loved the experience of the Superconscious Recode. She took the time to help me understand what was truly going on for me and helped me be brave enough to face everything.

Michele has the ability to see not just inside you, but also the things in the periphery of your life. Her questions helped me see what I am avoiding and how I can see things differently. I gained a very unique and helpful insight that I had been blind to.

She lovingly challenged me in the ways I needed to be challenged and helped my reset my entire mindset around a fear I've been running from. Thank you Michele!"

Laurette S.

Washington state

"Michele provides a safe space to open up and she guides you to empower yourself, to see the truth in your true nature and purpose in the world. She helped to bring me back into my power, shifting me into my true choices in life.

Her ability to unpack what I thought was my dysfunction and connect to my heart's desires is such a breath of fresh air. No more focusing on my problems and more on my heart's desires which has had me to orientate in a brighter way."

Bouchra Z.

United Kingdom

"Michele helped me see that my dominant thoughts have been focused on problems, obstacles and what I DON’T want. She not only helped me recognize and acknowledge these subconscious thought 'patterns' but also guided me to get clear about what I REALLY want and provided the tools and solutions to help me achieve it.

I myself am a highly intuitive personal success coach and I was blown away by Michele’s own intuitive insights and perspectives. Her energy is calming, loving and grounded, with just the right amount of “pattern interrupt” when I get drawn back into my tried-and-true stories. Somehow, skillfully, strategically through her subtle words and guidance I suddenly just felt clear and calm and happy and Free!!!

Working with Michele will help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be - SUCCESSFULLY!!! Her guidance, beautiful energy, skills and results-based practices will help you achieve whatever you desire. Her sessions are enjoyable, comforting and supportive.

The joy of Achieving your REAL desired outcome with her help are an added BONUS."

Jeri B.

Washington state

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*If you're wondering about the name Wiwchar (many people ask) - it's origin is Ukrainian and our twig of the family tree pronounces it 'wee-char'. :)